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Picasso i la seva col·lecció / Picasso y su colección : From 20th December 2007 to 30th March 2008


It can be purchased in the Museu Picasso shop, price: 30 €, or buy it on line  

Exhibition Curator
  Philippe Saunier (Musée national Picasso, París)
  André Malraux, Hélène Parmelin, Jean Leymarie i Hélène Klein and the collaboration of Emmanuelle Chevrière
  Catalan / Spanish
  23,8 x 29cm
  Institut de Cultura de Barcelona/ Museu Picasso
  978-84-9850-059-2 (catalán), 978-84-9850-060-8 (castellano)

Exhibtion catalogue marking the first ever presentation in Barcelona of the collection of work by different artists that Picasso himself owned. Among pieces that he enjoyed for his whole life, we find paintings by Matisse, Renoir, Braque, Rousseau, Derain, Miró or Cézanne, all reproduced fully in the catalogue. The book also contains pictures of works of art from Africa and Oceania that Picasso collected over the years as well as various photographs where we can see exactly how the works in the collection were displayed in his houses or his art studios.
The articles are translations from the original French version of the catalogue that accompanied the exhibition entitled «Picasso collectionneur» (Musée Picasso, Paris, 27th June – 17th September 1999). Even though there has been no revision or updating of that text, some vital corrections have been introduced and some recently discovered facts have also been included.


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