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Picasso provoked, from a young age, the admiration of his companions and colleagues, who saw in him an artist destined for a great future. First, in Barcelona, the painter associated with numerous artists, who formed a rowdy group of friends (the Fernández de Soto brothers, Manolo, Casagemas, Sabartés, the Reventós brothers, Canals, Pallarès…). Caught up in the enthusiasm of these years, they did not hesitate in exchanging drawings in order to reinforce their friendship and earned, over time, the artist’s admiration.

Picasso also preserved, from his first years in Paris, artwork on paper that his new friends gave to him, such as the poet, Max Jacob (with whom he shared the same roof for a while), the painter André Derain (intimate friend of Picasso until the year 1906), the writer André Salmon (privileged witness of the creation of Demoiselles d’Avignon), or Guillaume Apollinaire. Thanks to Picasso’s more or less skilful portraits, we get an idea of the great importance that surrounded the painter in the Montmartre circles. Much later the American painter Mark Tobey give testimony to his admiration of the artist through his engravings.

Lastly, Picasso, who kept everything, also had some caricatures of himself that were done by Jean Cocteau during his time in Rome in February 1917 (when both were preparing the decoration and costumes for Parade for the Ballets russes.



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