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Surrealism: Apollinaire was the first who invented this word for his play Les Mamelles de Tiresias (1917). «In any way my intention is to create a school, but what I want before anything else is to protest against this theatrical trompe-l’oeil which constitutes the greatest part of illusory art today»., he claimed

Apollinaire, Guillaume, Les Mamelles de Tirésias. Paris, Sic, 1918
 . For some years already, Picasso had also claimed that he expressed a more poetic reality: «I aspire to the most profound similitude, more real than what is real, arriving at the super real»
Entrevista a Pablo Picasso, Arts, 1945

This «school» that Apollinaire refused to found was created ultimately by the writer André Breton at the beginning of the 1920's. He even wrote a «doctrine» (Surrealist Manifesto, 1924). In 1925, Picasso participated, at the Pierre Gallery in Paris, in the first exhibition of Surrealist painters along with Ernst, De Chirico, Miró, Arp, Klee… His limitless creativity seemed to add, at that moment, to a runaway imagination: «I believe that we will find an organized subjective vision in the origin of all painting, or inspired Illumination, in the style of Rimbaud» (Picasso, 1926).

Bernadac, Marie-Laure, Michael, Androula, Picasso, propos sur l’art, Paris, Gallimard, 1998

This did not prevent Picasso from deciding not to join ranks. By not aligning himself with the movement, he preserved his liberty without compromising his prestige amongst other Surrealists. For them, he continued to be a «great initiator» (Victor Brauner, 1953).




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