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To what extent the Impressionist movement created its own academic studies forty years after its beginning has been forgotten.

In retaliation against these old-fashioned formulas, a new and virgin soul was needed in order to return to the roots of art, roots that were, without doubt, purer and more authentic. An interest in “the primitive” was born, and developed throughout the 19th century and then became more radical in the 20th century. This Primitivism was fuelled by multiple sources that were not mutually exclusive: Gauguin’s art and his appreciation of the “savage”, Romanic art, African art (discovered around 1905 by Derain and Matisse) and also Le Douanier Rousseau.

The works of art in this section are a testimony, each in their own way, to the desire for simplification and authenticity (also shared by Picasso) which begins, in the words of Derain, «a new intelligence of forms».














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