SM 172

One template on another = A new drawing

Improvise based on templates: combine them and create new ones.

With the mix of drawings, superimposing templates with multiple designs and colours and diverse materials, we can obtain very different results based on the same elements. In this urban art workshop we will experiment with stencils and we will make you go further than the original design.

SM 172
Caesar Baetulo studied art at the Escola Llotja of Barcelona, but his training has basically been self-taught.

In 2008 he became interested in street art, being known as an urban painter with the pseudonym SM 172.

The richness of his iconography is rooted in the diversity of influences that impregnate his art: from the super-heroes to the Greco-Roman deities, from pop art to Velázquez, from impressionism to poster art. He has experimented with oil, acrylics, collages, stencil, linocut ..., until finding a recognisable language, the personal stamp is based on the combination of colour types and richly connotated figures.

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