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Flavita Banana. A Fanzine at 4 hands

Make your own story with your own cartoon strips and Flavita Banana, we’ll frame it and you’ve got your own fanzine!

Based on a collection of around 15 different cartoon strips of Flavita, some with text and others without, each one will receive 6 cartoon strips, plus 4 blank ones. You will be able to paint them, modify them, put them in the order you want so as to create a story with or without sense. Finally a title will be chosen, we will make a cover and frame them.

Sala d'actes

Ana Garcia-Pineda. Have you ever seen a world float?

Create your own world and set it in orbit.

You know we are breaking up the world, don’t you?

There’s no way of papering over the hole in the ozone layer, and the melting of the ice can’t be arranged, not even by sending all the fridges to the Antarctic. I would almost start building planet in response to this. We can line them up in a row, and when we destroy one, we can move on to the next one. Are you going to join us?

Come and draw your world. You can draw a better world, a worse one, one full of popcorn, another made of elastic beds, etc. Come and draw the world you fell like drawing. Come and we’ll set it in orbit. Have you ever seen a drawing float?

Sala 0

Francesca Llopis. Insect me and garden yourself

We’ll take the pencils and transform ourselves into the smallest, and at the same time, most important beings, in such fragile flowers and become part of the garden.

Insects are fundamental for the life of the planet, they pollinate the flowers and make new ones grow, they make noises that indicate heat and they make holes in the earth so that the water enters and waters the plants, they are tremendously well organised and their movements are always oriented. They are little animals that many times we are unable to perceive, but they provide us with beauty when we see them fly over the water, and paths, and we discover their iridescent colours.

In the workshop we propose drawing the outline of our body to afterwards transform ourselves into insects and flowers, and to finally create an enormous garden.

Pati Finestres

Rita Lugli. Il lanone

Just one line that we draw together.

Big and small. Sharing a line of colour.
Small life moments.
Learning and enjoying together.
Recuperating traditions and lost time.
Until you achieve a special look.

Pça. Jaume Sabartés

Gerson Ruiz. Invasion of ants

Based on the paste-up technique, we will create a world of ants that climb and descend and polish the city.

Give life to the ants in the Big Draw 2017 by drawing within a defined space for the figure of @antpintura and when it’s finished your drawing will invade the outside of the Museu Picasso by sticking your work with the technique of Paste-up, until it’s totally invaded. We encourage you to become an ant worker so that all together we can achieve it.

Pati Noguera 2

Seta Bcn. Bombing Art: Explosions of urban art

Look for an image, a gesture that represents you: recognizable, easy to repeat and direct.

If you notice the urban setting, you will see the mushrooms of Seta BCN here and there. Now they are arriving at the Big Draw.

Urban art based on drawing with images with the topic of mushrooms, cactus-seta, abella-seta, applied with the technique of graffiti of bombing art.

Pati Noguera 1

SM 172. One template on another = A new drawing

Improvise based on templates: combine them and create new ones.

With the mix of drawings, superimposing templates with multiple designs and colours and diverse materials, we can obtain very different results based on the same elements. In this urban art workshop we will experiment with stencils and we will make you go further than the original design.

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