Anna Mongay Monteso

Let's draw darkness

Draw the night and illuminate the part that inspires you most.

Do a free drawing of a space, or of a scene on black cardboard. But watch out!!! All the pieces of cardboard will have a piece of cut-out white cardboard stuck to the paper, that will be a beam of invented light on which colours should be painted (it could be a streetlights, a theatre spotlight, a car’s headlights, a lantern, the moon, etc.).

Anna Mongay Monteso
I was born in Barcelona in 1969. I was trained in the faculty of Fine Arts of Barcelona and continued in the Institut del Teatre doing scenography.

My first job as an artist, was in the Enciclopèdia Catalana doing the “Super È”. Afterwards I have done many text books of children’s and youth reading in different publishers such as: Alfaguara, Baula, La Galera, Casals, Mac Millan, Teide, Castellnou, Cruïlla , Barcanova, Bruño, Everest and Bromera amongst others.

Since 2004 I have habitually collaborated in the magazine Cavall Fort and since 2010 also with the magazine Tatano with a page of comic : “RUT I PIU”.

I give classes in plastic art in a primary school and hold various workshops.

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