Francesca Llopis

Insect me and garden yourself

We’ll take the pencils and transform ourselves into the smallest, and at the same time, most important beings, in such fragile flowers and become part of the garden.

Insects are fundamental for the life of the planet, they pollinate the flowers and make new ones grow, they make noises that indicate heat and they make holes in the earth so that the water enters and waters the plants, they are tremendously well organised and their movements are always oriented. They are little animals that many times we are unable to perceive, but they provide us with beauty when we see them fly over the water, and paths, and we discover their iridescent colours.

In the workshop we propose drawing the outline of our body to afterwards transform ourselves into insects and flowers, and to finally create an enormous garden.

Francesca Llopis
She was born in Barcelona. In 1976 he matriculated in the Escola Eina to study the poetry of space and painting. In 1981 he obtained a grant from the Ministry of Culture and went to Warsaw where the inevitable coup d'état transformed his pictorial imagery. This is the point of inflection in which the “journey” is constituted as a part of his artistic process. He received a grant in 1988 at the Acadèmia di Roma and l'Écolle des Beaux Arts of Nimes in which Arnau Puig defined his painting as a “semantized constructivism” for the cavities it represents.

In 2004 he developed ETC where he reflected on the absence of women artists in the history of art. From 2007 onwards he participated in multiple international and national exhibitions.

In 2016 in the exhibition SakaiArtePorto, Japan, he carried out the action of art TRACTION ACTION based on the need to unite humanity with the universe by means of an infinite made with the prints of rose pigments from the paths of the city.

His latest project is the installation LLUM! in the Castle of Montjuïc of Barcelona.

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