Fundació Foto Colectania and Grisart

Catch the light!

Light and darkness, drawing with the origins of photography.

We approach the origins of photography by means of two proposals: the dark chamber, where we will catch Chinese shadows and afterwards we will be able to finish the drawing; and capturing the rays of light which make the drawing in the darkness.

The Foundation Foto Colectania i Grisart will carry out in a joint way an activity that will allow the attendees to develop their creativity by drawing directly with light by means of photographic procedures, and at the same time, approaching the origins of photography. The activity will be carried out in the headquarters of the Fundació Foto Colectania in two different spaces.

In a first ambit (in a dark space, without lighting), the public will be able to play with light and make their own creations with lanterns in front of a photographic camera, experimenting, in this way, the essential element of photography, drawing with light. This procedure will allow the light to be captured on the photographic image, thus retaining the movement drawn with the light.

In a second ambit (the exhibition room), the participants will be able to draw and make their own creations based on the images projected on a white sheet. The activity is based on the idea of Chinese shadows and the dark chamber, prior to photography, used already in antiquity to project plays of lights and shadows and to draw the reality in a reliable way. In the room there will be a space with tables and chairs, and coloured pencils to finish the drawings.

Grisart Escola Internacional de Fotografia
Grisart Escola Internacional de Fotografia is a private centre dedicated since 1985 to the exclusive teaching of photography, with two main educational bases: to ensure a solid and complete photographic training for its students and to foster an environment which provides support and stimuli for their creativity.

Fundació Foto Colectania
The Fundació Foto Colectania is a non-profit making foundation that was born in Barcelona in 2002 with the aim of spreading photography in the social, artistic and educational field. In its new headquarters in Passeig Picasso 14, the foundation develops an extensive programme of exhibitions with the aim of generating critical thought and reflection around image.

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