Branca Col·lectiu

I do my own self-portrait

An easel, a mirror and colours and…come in, come in!! Come and do a self-portrait as the major artists did!

Based on silhouettes of artists such as Picasso, Frida Kahlo, Van Gogh, etc., this workshop aims to approach the general public to the experience of painting a self-portrait (with a mirror).

Once painted, the self-portraits can be taken away or left for the passers-by to look at.

Branca Col·lectiu
Branca is a collective that boosts painting workshops for learning to paint from scratch and for improving techniques; and monographic workshops focused on self-portrait techniques. Furthermore, for the past four years it has put on collective exhibitions in different spaces of Barcelona in which self-portrait has been the main theme.

On this occasion we will count on the collaboration of the painter and serigraphic artist Clara Trucco.

© Big Draw, La Festa del Dibuix. Museu Picasso