Urban Sketchers Barcelona

The big mural del Born

Come and participate in the creation of the giant, collective temporary mural of the Born.

Taking advantage of the space of the Born CCM, people of any age will be proposed to draw a mural of 30 metres long. This temporary mural will illustrate the building in its setting and in relation to the exhibition “Born. Memories of a market”.

The association USK Barcelona will accompany the artists to fill the mural with drawings of façades and urban details typical of today's and yesterday's neighbourhood. All the necessary material will be at the disposition of the participants.

A video of the type of Timelapse will be produced that will illustrate the process throughout the day.

Urban Sketchers Barcelona

In search of the sketcher

“In search of the sketcher” is a tour around the neighbourhood of the Born in which the participants will find artists with whom they will be able to share the history of the place they are drawing, and that they invite to draw with them.

All the visitors of the Born CCM who want to participate in the Big Draw will receive a map and will be invited to go and find the sketchers who throughout the day (in three sessions of two hours in each place chosen by the organisation) will draw emblematic places of the neighbourhood.

The participants (kids and adults) are invited to draw these same points of view and they will be able to pick up from the Born CCM all the material they need.
At the end of the tour, the participants will be able to leave their drawings to form another giant mural with all the works of the day.
The drawings of the sketchers of the Association will be scanned and will form part of this temporary collective exhibition.

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