Ignacio Uriarte

(Un)productive collective gesture in drawing and sculpture

Love and hate. Monochromatic emotional drawing.

What do you like? What do you hate? Write it down on large pieces of paper and let your emotions go, and those of the others, to construct monochromatic drawings that contain a collective sense.

Ignacio Uriarte


The paper way. Create a continuous line of balls of paper.

Based on lines of between 30 and 70 cm drawn on the floor by the participants, a random labyrinth will be created, which each participant will mark with balls of paper. From here, the following participants will be able to add in the same way new segments of formed lines, freely deciding the angle. The result will be a large line that will fill the space in an unpredictable zigzag form.

© Big Draw, La Festa del Dibuix. Museu Picasso