Flavita Banana

A Fanzine at 4 hands

Make your own story with your own cartoon strips and Flavita Banana, we’ll frame it and you’ve got your own fanzine!

Based on a collection of around 15 different cartoon strips of Flavita, some with text and others without, each one will receive 6 cartoon strips, plus 4 blank ones. You will be able to paint them, modify them, put them in the order you want so as to create a story with or without sense. Finally a title will be chosen, we will make a cover and frame them.

Flavita Banana (1987)
Flavita Banana (1987) is a cartoonist and illustrator. For the past two years she has worked with different media and newspapers, showing with the cartoon strips a sarcastic and humorous vision of the sad and daily things. As an illustrator she published Curvy in 2016, and as an author Cosas del Querer (Things to want) in 2017. With more than 200 thousand followers in Instagram, Flavita has maintained a simply drawing style, with a clear and pointed message, and humoristic intention since the outset.

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