Joaquim Arnal

Barcelona kassena

Our city is transformed with the colours, symbols and styles of the kassena houses, an African cultural treasure.

The workshop is a metaphor around the coexistence between different worlds and realities. In Burkina Faso, the kassena, they practise a singular urban planning that has become a heritage of humanity: mural decorations done by women, that have been worthy of their world recognition, and that talk to us of symbolism, cultural burden, prestige and aesthetics. The workshop aims to practise the globalisation from the "periphery" to the centre, in double direction. We will imagine and create a Barcelona Kassena that invites the reflection about our society. We will draw, design, paint our kassena decorations in our home.

Joaquim Arnal
Multidisciplinary professional who has been working for decades in the field of active pedagogy around culture, as a global fact. Knowledgeable about Maghreb and Western Africa, and the gypsy nation, he uses dramatic and plastic art to make the diversity known that makes up our human identity. He has collaborated for years with the Museu Etnològic of Barcelona. Some of his proposals: Other People/Other Tales, The other gypsies, as diverse workshops and activities.

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